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Short video walkthrough of the HEX wallet

Here's a short video walkthrough of the HEX wallet. This is before cleaning it up (getting rid of the decimals, etc.)

The dialog if you try to autostake too short

The dialog if you try to autostake too short By HEXAxademyOnline

Importing private keys to Electrum

Importing private keys to Electrum, claiming and staking HEX in 2 minutes. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A LEDGER OR TREZOR. YOU CAN LEAVE THE KEYS INSIDE THE DEVICE.



How to install Metamask

How to install metamask in 2 minutes.

HEX Adoption Amplifier

Here's a HEX AdoptionAmplifier, Staking, Claiming, near everything demo. The vid needs redone but it's still pretty sweet. #HEX snapshot giving Bitcoin holders free coins is in 5 days 21 hours and some minutes!

Ledger Signing Tool

Leger Signing Tool By HEXAcademyOnline

Claim and stake HEX

How to Claim and stake HEX in less than 2 minutes. This isn't ready for the public to see. It's just to show you guys how easy it is. Need to remove the decimals, add some text, put the bonus share calculator on there, etc.

Richard with his thoughts

Richard with his thoughts on the HEX community.

Richard discussing HEX

Richard discussing HEX Chad Whale

Building crypto Vs talking about it

Building crypto Vs talking about it.

HEX supply centralization

HEX supply centralization. (language warning)

How HEX can save people

How HEX can save people getting scammed

HEX branding

HEX branding and it's importance.

HEX evolution

HEX evolved into something beyond Richard's wildest dream

HEX design

HEX design intention rewards strong hands.

Value of whales in HEX

Value of whales in HEX for price appreciation.

Better crypto ecosystem

Why a better crypto ecosystem benefits HEX.

Fully Functional Product

HEX is a fully functional working product.

Can developers build?

Can developers build on top of HEX?

Who funded HEX?

Who funded HEX? And why HEX is the opposite of an ICO. (language warning)

Bug Bounty Program

HEX uses a bug bounty program, and why that's important.

Inflation in HEX

All the inflation in HEX gets paid to the stakers.

Howey Test

Why having to obey the Howey Test sucks for HEX.

Freemium Onboarding

Why Freemium onboarding is so important

Offers for Advertisements

Richard on why he has never accepted offers for advertisements on YT

Marketing Expert

Richard is a marketing expert


HEX Vs Blockchain Vs BTC

Still need convincing on HEX?

Still need convincing on HEX? Watch this

Share Price

Share Price only goes up.

Building HEX

The difficulty of building HEX and it's game theory complexities.

ETH Conspiracy

The recycling ETH conspiracy explained. (language warning)

Future Market

HEX is only crypto with known future market supply.

Potential Future

Potential future HEX improvements.

HEX Staking

HEX staking - Bigger and Longer pays better

World's First Blockchain

HEX - World's First Blockchain CD

Uniswap Liquidity

Uniswap Liquidity Vs Price.

FOMO Day 1 HEX Launch

Richard Heart told people not to FOMO Day 1 HEX launch of AA pre launch

FOMO Day 1 HEX Launch

Richard Heart told people not to FOMO Day 1 HEX launch of AA post launch.

Accounting Function

Good Accounting function explained.

End Stake

Emergency End Stake explained.

HEX Haters

Dealing with HEX haters and HEX being called a scam.


No privacy in blockchain, coin mixing for anonymity.

Where does the ETH Go?


Adoption Amplifier

Adoption Amplifier explained.

HEX Marketing

HEX marketing and referral system.

HEX Development

The HEX development team, HEX code and auditing.

10,000x claim

The 10,000x claim and Pumpamentals explained.

Legality of HEX

The legality of HEX, is HEX a security?

HEX isn't an Airdrop

Why HEX isn't an airdrop, and what minting your own coins means.

3 Ways to Get HEX

3 ways to get HEX and understanding that you are the network.

Signing BTC

Signing BTC signatures to claim HEX.

Building on ETH

Building on ETH and why it's great.

Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility, ways to lose money in crypto Vs massive opportunity.

Legos of Finance

Legos of finance on Ethereum

Freeclaiming HEX

When Freeclaiming HEX via BTC, are you giving up your privacy?

Why HEX?

Why HEX and what is it's use case?

HEX + Uniswap + ETH

HEX + Uniswap + ETH = A constant product market maker.